No visit to Pisa would be complete without taking in the splendid Piazza del Duomo and the world famous Leaning Tower. But Pisa offers its visitors so much more! A short walk away from this ‘open air museum’, there exists a lively city, reflecting Pisa’s history as a meeting place for merchants, travellers and pilgrims from far and wide. Close to the sea, with a thriving port, for centuries Pisa has hosted visitors from distant foreign countries, north Africa, northern Europe and the islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea. 


Their imprint is everywhere, in the architecture, culture and of course, the cuisine.

Our walk will start at the Ponte di Mezzo and from there we will enter the ancient heart of the city. We will explore the beautiful Lungarno Pacinotti and Via Santa Maria, the area which houses the magnificent buildings of the University that was founded in 1343 and in 1589, appointed Galileo Galilei as a professor of Mathematics. We will see the

beautiful buildings of the Piazza dei Cavalieri, designed by Giorgio Vasari, the famous Renaissance architect, painter and writer. Other treasures to admire include the spectacular tower houses that overlook the River Arno. Finally, if you wish, you can eat at a very special restaurant where delicious local dishes are prepared …”in the traditional way”!


The guided tour usually lasts about two hours and takes place in the morning, usually from 10 to 12 or in the afternoon, from 15 onwards, before sunset.Special requests are always welcome.
Special rates are provided for school trips and “senior age” groups.


€ 130.00 up to 35 people;
€ 2.00 for each additional person

For further information, requests and payment methods, please contact.



via Santa Maria

torre dell’Hotel Victoria

interno del battistero

Madonna dei vetturini

Hotel Victoria