The power of Pisa was due to its expansion towards the banks of the Arno. Around the VII-VIII centuries, “Chinzica” was born on the left bank and “Forisportam” outside the Roman and medieval village.
In 1155 the walls joined all three villages and Pisa became the most important fluvial port of the peninsula. The port attracted merchants from all over the Mediterranean and during the XI-XII centuries Pisa became a Maritime Republic…


In the past, Pisa was a river port on the Arno delta. Today it has its most evocative aspects in the Lungarni. Thanks to their centrality, they are the ideal place to enjoy the city’s atmosphere.
The tour offers a beautiful part of the Lungarni: the Medicean Lungarno. We will start from the Ponte di Mezzo, from where it will be possible to enjoy a splendid view of the river and its surroundings, we will have the opportunity to see some animated squares (Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Cairoli, for example) and the beautiful buildings built by wealthy families who had chosen the Lungarni as their residence (including the Palazzo Medici).

We will visit, if you wish, the beautiful Museum of San Matteo.
Coming back, we will stop to admire “San Pietro in vinculis”, a splendid example of Romanesque church.
The Lungarni were completely rebuilt in the second half of the nineteenth century, canceling the stairways that characterized them before, when they were functional to the feverish commercial activity of the city.
Today they are also the meeting point of nightlife, after having inspired for centuries poems and writers, including Lord Byron, Shelley and Leopardi, but also Dino Campana.


The guided tour usually lasts about two hours and takes place in the morning, usually from 10 to 12 or in the afternoon, from 15 onwards, before sunset.
Special requests are always welcome.
Special rates are provided for school trips and “senior age” groups.


€ 130.00 up to 25 people;
€ 2.00 for each additional person

For further information, requests and payment methods, please contact.



Piazza Cairoli

Lungarno di notte

Piazza Cairoli, case medievali

Lungarno Mediceo a Pisa

Palazzo Medici
e museo San Matteo