Between Florence and Siena lies San Gimignano, a picturesque town perched high on a hill overlooking the Val d’Elsa. Surrounded by countryside dotted with olive trees and vineyards, it is an extraordinary example of medieval architecture from the 13th and 14th centuries – many towers built by prominent families at that time remain, earning the town the nickname ‘medieval Manhattan’.


Our tour will start from Porta San Giovanni and we will walk through narrow and hidden streets up to the Sant’Agostino church, to the Piazza Duomo and the Palazzo del Podestà. Here we will seek out some beautiful emblematic frescoes that are often overlooked by visitors. Located in churches and in the Palazzo del Podestà, these frescoes are of great importance because they offer a perspective of the 14th century Sienese school of art.

Although tourism is the basis of the city’s economy, agriculture has always been very important. For centuries the hills surrounding San Gimignano have produced the fine grapes from which the Vernaccia wine is produced, as famous today as it was in the Middle Ages: We can finish our tour with a visit to a vineyard for an exclusive wine tasting!


The guided tour usually lasts about two hours and takes place in the morning, usually from 10 to 12 or in the afternoon, from 15 onwards, before sunset.

Special requests are always welcome.

Special rates are provided for school trips and “senior age” groups.


€ 130.00 up to 25 people;
€ 2.00 for each additional person

For further information, requests and payment methods, please contact


Per le vie di San Gimignano

chiesa di S. Agostino, Incoronazione di Maria del Pollaiolo

chiesa di S. Agostino. Cristo in Pietà di Bartolo di Fredi

chiesa di S. Agostino, affreschi di Benozzo Gozzoli

chiesa di Sant’Agostino

S. Agostino insegna legge, retorica e filosofia